Grand Estates Auction Company founded in 1999.

We hope to serve our  clients once again very soon. Read message from our founder below.

Word from our founder

Grand Estates Auction Company and Jeremy LeClair, past licensee.

Grand Estates Auction Company, founded in 1999, is currently not operating but we hope to be operational again once we regain complete control of all of our intellectual property, photography, website content and all of our assets in order to deliver the results our clients have expected and received since 1999.

Let's be extremely clear... GEA Inc, has never sold anything to  Jeremy LeClair nor to anyone else.  If you are contacted by anyone claiming any ownership or having "purchased the company" please contact us immediately because those statements are false.  

Please note the following: Terminated licensee Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair and Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc have no rights to the name, database or trademarks, of GEA Inc nor Grand Estates Auction Company. Jeremy LeClair's own attorney, John Hanzel, clearly states that LeClair only had a non-exclusive license in a retraction letter from November 2016. Click here to read his letter.

See terminated licensee section for details about Jeremy LeClair regarding his two fraud judgements totaling $715,133.35 and 5 current lawsuits, including fraud, in state and federal court. Click here

Please click here if you're a creditor or collection agency looking to reach Jeremy LeClair or any of his companies including Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc, Grandeur Luxury Auctions Inc, etc. His current address is 8721 Cherry Blossom Lane, Cornelius NC 28031

On October 5th, 2016 Jeremy  LeClair, Kyle Whelan, Andy Sumlin, Tori Fredericks, Les Monde and Blake Limerick removed from our corporate offices specific computers and our server containing intellectual property and assets, Grand Estates Auction company branded marketing materials, corporate records, auction day supplies and most importantly our proprietary and protected database without our knowledge, permission or authority to a location under  Jeremy LeClair's control at 400 North Harbor Drive, suite H, Davidson NC 28036. Since then most of the computers have been either deposed or destroyed according to Jeremy LeClair's deposition in May 2017.

A police report was filed with the Charlotte, NC Mecklenburg Police. We've been seeking legal remedy since then to regain control of our property through the Superior Court system in Charlotte Mecklenburg county courts and in Federal court.

Buyer beware Realtors, investment advisors, publishers, media outlets et al. We will seek legal remedy against anyone who purchases, accesses or uses our proprietary database or any portion of  our database, its intellectual property, work product and/or our trademarks. These items are the  sole and exclusive property of GEA Inc. 

Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair, in violation of the terminated licensing agreement, is in possession of an illegal copy of this database and its work processes owned exclusively by GEA Inc. 

If you are contacted by anyone about purchasing access or a copy, know that you will be in possession of stolen property.

Furthermore Grand Estates Auction Company is not related to, Jeremy LeClair aka Jeremy Wyatt LeClair, Grandeur Luxury Estate Auctions/Grandeur Luxury Auctions/Grandeur Luxury Yacht Auctions/DBL Group LLC/Blake Limerick in any way, form or respect.

Do not get lured into purchasing access.

If you have been on the Grand Estates Auction Company mailing list and/or email list and receive anything by mail or email or are contacted by anyone from Source.Auction, Grandeur Luxury Estate Auctions/Grandeur Luxury Auctions/Grandeur Yacht Auctions/Blake Limerick/Diana LeCanda or DBL Group LLC please notify us immediately as they are prohibited to contact any client of Grand Estates Auction Co.

Prior to joining Grand Estates Auction Company as a salaried employee Jeremy Wyatt LeClair had no experience conducting auction events. He was a salaried employee of 4K&D Corporation dba Grand Estates Auction Co. from Jan 6, 2016, until April 30th, 2016. Thereafter he was an employee of Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc, dba Grand Estates Auction Co until Aug 8th, 2016. On August 8th he was granted a non-exclusive license to operate as a non-exclusive licensee under the name, Luxury Auctions Marketing, Inc. dba Grand Estates Auction Co and he conducted a total of 4 auctions.  That license was terminated by GEA Inc for cause on Nov. 4th, 2016.  Jeremy Wyatt LeClair incorporated on Nov 4, 2016 a company called Grandeur Luxury Estate Auctions, Inc.(A Wyoming Corporation) On approximately January 13th, 2017 Mr. LeClair started Grandeur Luxury Yacht Auctions and in March 2017. Furthermore Blake Limerick/DBL Group LLC, a former salesperson for Luxury Auctions Marketing Inc. dba Grand Estates Auction Company, who may be associated with Jeremy LeClair, is not related to GEA Inc or 4K&D Corp.These companies do not have a license with GEA, Inc or 4 K&D Corporation and are prohibited to use, in any manner, its proprietary database , name, references, materials, work products or intellectual property of any of our firms.

Please note we currently do not have access to our phone numbers 704-529-0026 and 800-552-8120. You can reach us at 239-595-4534.

Valaria DeVine
President GEA, Inc.
Owner of Trademarks and all intellectual property and work product related to Grand Estates Auction Co.
CEO of 4K&D Corporation 

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